My fiance and I went to a wedding thing today.  Apparently we won a free vacation for three days and two nights.  I was thinking, yeah right what is the catch.  Well there was no catch.  We really did win a three day two night vacation, all we had to do is sit and watch these people demonstrate and try to sell a product.  This product wasn’t some fancy gadget that does cool things, it was a product that every body uses all the time, the product was pots and pans and cutlery.  I won’t go into great detail here about them but if you want to check it out visit and .  During the demonstrations, I couldn’t help but think why can’t we, as Christians, be more like sales people.  They made me feel completly comfortable while I was listening to them tell me every benefit to purchasing their product.  Why can’t tell people about Christ, and why they need Christ in the same way? Why don’t we?

My goal for this week is to tell at least one person about Christ and put it in terms that they can understand. I am going to “sell” Christ to them.  Let’s face it, without Christ, we are nothing.  We, as Christians, know it and it is essentially our jobs to let other people know about the amazing things we get to experience when we have Christ as our Savior.