I read an article the other day on teachers and feedback.  I never realized the true meaning of feedback untilI had read this article. My prior view on feedback was telling my students what they did wrong or right.  I always thought that I was a good teacher because I was letting them know what they need to fix.  After reading this article I discovered that I was only halfway correct in my interpretation of feedback.  I not only have to tell the students what they are doing correctly or not correctly, I need to tell them how to fix their errors or why they are doing things correctly.  I have noticed a great difference in the way my students are responding to my comments, as well as a dramatic increase in retention!  I never thought that I would have this sort of impact on the way someone can learn.

Tonight during my small group at church, I decided that I would put some of this new teacher knowledge into my discussion with my Junior High Guys.  I read a passage to my guys and asked them to tell me what they thought about the passage.  They told me and I agreed in some cases and disagreed in other cases, and told why I did both.  Then they told me why they thought what they thought, it made for a very deep discussion for 6th and 8th graders.